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"All the SEO courses I've ever come across are either way too long or impossible to understand" - Quentin Pain

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Meet Quentin Pain - Your Expert

Ever since search engines like Google appeared, people have been trying to 'game' them for profit. That included me.

Then in 2010 things started to change. Google got tough. And they got tougher and tougher as they tweaked and changed their algorithm to make the web a better place.

They started de-indexing or downgrading spammy web pages, and they started detecting pages that had been artificially ranked using link farms (or so called Private Blog Networks - PBN's).

And then they got really serious in 2013 with Hummingbird and a little later, RankBrain.

And In April 2017...

Google turned off public access to PageRank. It doesn't matter if all this jargon means nothing to you - because what really matters is that you and I now have the best opportunity since 2002 to get our pages ranked on merit. This is a VERY big deal.

Articles that add real value to the web have started competing properly with artificially enhanced​ pages that have been SEO'd to the hilt using grey hat techniques that (up till now) have avoided Google's penalties. Things are changing for the better, fast...

Here's Why The New Internet Is Here To Stay

It's Good For Google

Google wants to stay in business. It will fail big time if it continues to allow spammy pages to dominate the search results.

It's Good For Us

If we start producing better content than anyone else, Google rewards us with superior rankings.

It's Good For Everyone

For Google to stay in business, it MUST deliver the best content. And that helps everyone.

This Page Didn't Exist a Few Months Ago...

And Now It's Number 1 on Page 1

  • The adverts at the top of the page tell us this key phrase has buyer intent - people who see this page spend money
  • The page Ranked No.1 in a few short months with NO backlinks and almost NO domain authority, because...
  • It was written from a blueprint that ensured it had all the right ingredients for Google to reward it PLUS all the right ingredients for visitors to read it AND subscribe
  • It even beat Amazon into 3rd place!
  • And it cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to get it there

And You Can Do This Too - GUARANTEED!

Step 1 - Research

Research will help you choose the best topic to write about so you won't be wasting your time attracting useless traffic.​

But you need to do the right research. Why do some articles rank higher than others? Only Google knows for certain - but we can discover this information - priceless!

Step 2 - Write

With the research done, the work starts (nothing any good was ever done without work - and this is no different).​

But our work is fun and simple, because there is a method of doing this - and it's all tied up with what Google want combined with what you already know.

Step 3 - Publish

Once you've published there's nothing more to do except wait. BUT, that doesn't stop you from doing more...

A lot more! And if you enjoy writing, this will open your eyes in ways you will not have figured out before. One piece of well executed content can go a long way!

Would You Like Help With That?

Whilst you can absolutely do this yourself, I know it's sometimes hard to get the motivation, particularly when there's no accountability.

So I set up the SEO Beginner to Expert course to do just that. It comes in tiny bite size pieces delivered once a day, every day for 30 days.

And every day you will also get an email from me urging you on to complete the next simple step in your Mastery of SEO.

No matter what level of expertise you have, each task has been designed to take you step by step to create the perfect article.

And you're going to get my direct PERSONAL help each day​!

We're going to stay on Easy Street the whole way through. But should you get stuck in any way, I'll be there to help you.

That is one more thing that sets SEO Expert apart from everything else. It comes with your OWN PERSONAL MENTOR.

Each day's task is simple, doable, and best of all, doable quickly. So you can do this no matter what else you've got on that day.

Bill Gates once said we "over-estimate what we can do in a year and under-estimate what we can do in a decade". Well we're going to Master SEO in 30 days. You and me together.