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SEO Optimisation Experts

SEO Optimisation Experts are everywhere if you believe the hype.

But I know you don’t because the truth of SEO is very very simple.

Either a page ranks or it doesn’t. And when it does rank, it ranks for the right terms that bring in real traffic.

But Are They Really Experts

If you can find an SEO expert who can prove this to you conclusively again and again with real sites, real pages and real (ie. searched for) search terms, then you have struck gold.

SEO agencies make so many claims to be able to do this, then fail you time and time again – but only after you lost a considerable amount of money.

I know this to be true because that’s precisely what I used to do in the past. But not anymore.

And the only question is, how did I manage to escape the SEO monthly fee treadmill?

Analyse Everything

Simple. I analysed search result after search result. I looked at the top pages being ranked. I took them apart word by word, paragraph by paragraph.

And then I started writing with intent – intent to optimise pages so well, they couldn’t fail to rank given ¬†enough time.


Because their content was near perfect.

Solve The Searcher’s Problem

They solved a specific solution to a problem the searcher wanted help with.

And Google thanked me by moving my pages up the rankings, slowly at first, but as they learnt to trust my content, more quickly.

And it all makes total sense. Google want to stay as Google. They don’t want anyone else muscling in on their (significant) patch of the internet.

There is only one way that is going to happen – you need to keep your search visitors happy. You need to do it so consistently, they will return again and again.

Do Ads Really Get In The Way Of SERPS?

You may think that Google has been placing so many ads ‘above the fold’ recently that they’ve gone too far. Too greedy. But you’d be wrong.

Those ads appear when the intent of the searcher is to find a paid solution. How do they know? Simple, by the number of people clicking on links (paid and unpaid).

And before you object to that sweeping assumption, you’re right! Sometimes they get it spectacularly wrong, and the results they deliver are not at all what we want.

Here’s the thing though. That gives us an edge if we want to rank a page for a key phrase that is currently attracting a lot of ad attention.

If we can deliver in the contents of that page, the perfect semantically relevant words that give the searcher EXACTLY what they want, Google will start to learn that more people are clicking on our page than on the ads.

They know that it is now in their interests to give our page more prominence.

The CTR Ratio Matters

You see, it’s not just down to the position in the SERPS that we want, it’s also really importantly, down to the number of clicks we get COMPARED to the other search results.

I know everyone talks about and seems to understand CTR (click through rates), but do they really understand them?

Most assume it’s about conversion. Conversion from being seen to being clicked on – and of course, that’s the whole point.

BUT, it’s far more about user intent and the ratio of CTR amongst competing pages. Read that again.

Perfect Search NO Clicks!

For example, if someone is searching for the height of a celebrity, there’s a really good chance that will appear on the page WITHOUT anyone needing to click anything!

How then does Google know which pages to put there? It’s certainly not random.

SEO optimisation experts can only be said to be real if they understand that one simple point – ratio of CTR vs just CTR amongst competitive pages.

It’s what makes part of the difference.

SEO Optimisation Experts

A fun exercise when searching for an SEO expert is to enter that exact phrase into Google. Whoever you find in the #1 position certainly knows a thing or two about SEO, but equally, they may have used dangerous tactics to rank there.

You can check that out fairly easily by installing the MOZ toolbar in your browser and checking for the number of incoming links to the top pages. You may be surprised what you find.

Google has changed massively since 2016 and you will often find sites ranking higher than other site that have considerably more incoming links.

This is because Google really understands the value of great content over great backlinking. Sites with really low MOZ Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) as well as low backlink counts can now compete. The playing field is at last beginning to level to give us all a chance at getting more traffic without resorting to dangerous SEO tactics.

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