Day 12 – More Middle

Day 12 Quick Summary: More middle

Add more to the middle section of your article.

  1. Using your list of keywords and phrases, add new paragraphs to your next sub heading.

You knew this was coming! Damn your brilliant intuition, intelligence and… some other word beginning with i. I realise that’s not funny, and it’s a classic example of trying to use rhetoric to be funny and failing miserably in the process.

I knew it was lousy because I read it out aloud to myself and didn’t even get a whimper. Nothing. Diddly squat. In fact the exact same reaction to this paragraph too 🙁

And that’s an example of how to use Voice in your writing. Always, always, always speak out what you’ve written before you hit the publish button.

If it sounds lousy, then it is lousy. Rewrite it, and when you’ve done that, rewrite it again and again and again.

But ALWAYS leave at least 24 hours between each rewrite (well, at least a couple of hours then!).

But as I said yesterday, DON’T under any circumstances start editing yet. We’re staying on EASY STREET not wandering off to CLOUD CUCKOO LAND (and insanity), remember?


Yep a couple more paragraphs please. You got your sub-heads ready? Great. See you tomoz.