Day 16 – The END

Just kidding! It’s not really the end. Just the end of the article.

Day 16 Quick Summary: The END

Today it’s time to finish the article.

  1. Write the final paragraphs of your article

We’re into the second half. We’ve nearly finished our article and we’re just 14 days away from completion. When we get to the real end, it is really just the beginning. The beginning of a wonderful change in the way you do your online marketing.

So what are we doing today? Wonderful things. Look, you’ve been writing like crazy for a week. I get that. There’s only so many words we can do in a day. It’s boring as hell. If you were meant to be a writing machine, you would have done this a long time ago.

But there’s a problem. You want more attention. And you’re not prepared to do a Richard Branson. And for that reason, I rest my case.

This writing malarkey is good for you. It’s good for me too. It’s tough just like life. But think what would happen if all that traffic started turning up? If that traffic brought people with cash in their pockets. Cash looking for a new home?

What then? Do you want it? How badly? Then let’s all pull together and get it done.


The END matters. It’s about the only thing anyone ever remembers about a story, speech or seminar.

That tricolon of words at the end of the last sentence is known as an Amplification. We went from small (story) to large (seminar). Friends, Romans, Countrymen is another example and explains why Marc Antony completely trounced Brutus’ lousy version – Romans Countrymen and Lovers. Some people have it and some don’t, but those that know the rules, have it all.

So today we’re going to write the end of our article. And for that we’re simply going to use the last sub-heading.

The easiest way to write the end is to tell them it’s the end. “Well done, you’ve made it to the end.”. But perhaps we can do better. And the way to do that is to remember the promise we made right at the start. Whatever that was, we want to reiterate the answer here as succinctly as we can.

No need to go on about it though. Just make sure the reader knows that everything in the article tells them everything they need to know about whatever you promised.

We’re going to do this, because some people ignore the start or middle and scroll to the end to check if it’s worth reading (I don’t know why) – either way,  when they first open the article or the second they get bored (and haven’t yet got the full answer they were seeking) it’s the end (or the back button) they turn to.

So having a great ending will remind the impatient that it’s worth reading. Plus, when you remind the reader of the most important points in the article, they have something to take away and praise you for (think comments and social shares).

Start the end just like the beginning with a sentence based on your title. Example: “Breeding labrador puppies brings handsome rewards to those who know the secrets we’ve shared above. That’s especially true in the puppy food section – who wants sick puppies!” And so on.

Just before you start writing, do this one thing. Make your mind up right now about what you want the reader to do after reading the article.

Other gurus tell you to figure that out BEFORE you even write the article. Damn it, I’ve recommended that in the past too! But we learn. And so does Google. And now we write for the reader without a hidden agenda.

That way they will get to the bottom, and now you know you can’t just launch into a massive sales pitch. It just wouldn’t fit. There’s been no ‘leading them up the garden path’. Just leading them to the land you promised.

And so the trust is high. Very high. And the very best thing you can ever do for ‘pillar post’ articles like this is to give them a damn good reason to give you their email address. And that reason is always the same – to deliver more of this kind of stuff.

There’s a way of doing that, but I think it should wait till tomorrow (but don’t let that stop you from writing the end to this article).