Day 3 – Title Selection

Day 3 Quick Summary: Title selection

Now we know the topic, we’re going to come up with a title. Every article has a title, and EVERY page that comes up in search has one too. The title is important for 4 reasons:

  1. It tells Google what the article is about.
  2. It tells the reader what the article is about.
  3. It determines which searches it will rank for (this alone is why it matters for SEO).
  4. It helps the searcher decide whether it’s worth clicking on (a factor most amateur SEOs ignore).

To create your title do this:

  1. Use to find out what sort of questions people are asking about your topic.
  2. Write down a selection of them in a list and store them in a spreadsheet or other document in your work folder.
  3. Pick one of them as the title selection for your first article.

By now you have a list of topics to write about in your industry. If not, revisit yesterday’s task and select one.

“Every day someone somewhere is searching for more information on what you or your business does”

  • They may be researching your industry.
  • They may be trying to find out something about a certain topic within your industry.
  • They may be digging deeper into that topic.
  • They may be looking for a solution within that topic.
  • They may be searching for the best price for that solution.

Our job as SEO experts is to make sure they find our article and not someone else’s.

That sums up the searcher’s journey. It all starts because they have a problem. Every aspect of marketing revolves around one thing: problems.

And the one thing about problems is they need solving. And that means solutions. Finding solutions to real, urgent problems is what all successful businesses do.

Unless you accept this fully, your SEO efforts will never produce predictable results. And predictable results are what we want.

We can do the same with paid traffic, and once you have your customer journey nailed down and optimised, paid traffic is one way you can predictably scale your business,  but right now we’re going to get the first part done so you do have that choice later on.

And just one last note on this: anyone can do paid traffic right now provided they have a solution to a real, urgent problem with enough profit margin to pay for the ads – but it’s much better to get the basics right in the first place, then you really will maximise your profits later on.


What could people be asking about your industry? Click on the link below to get that question answered:

Enter your industry keyword. For example, if you sell clothes, enter clothes. If you’re a specialist, enter a keyword or keyphrase closer to what you do.

But don’t worry too much – just enter something relevant and see what comes up (for example “social media consultant” is a good keyphrase if that’s what you do).

Download the results and store them in a work folder for later use (you may be able to generate dozens of new articles from this list).

That’s the initial research done (try not to be distracted by their optin sequence if it pops up – they’re a great PR company and know what they’re doing when it comes to trying to convert prospects into customers – which is of course why this tool is free).

So we’re staying on easy street as usual and today is about picking a title. If you’re not too sure about what to go for, let me know in our Facebook group.