Day 4 – Selection Analysis

Day 4 Quick Summary: Selection analysis

Having got your first title, let’s see who is already ranking for it (in other words, who are you competing with).

  1. Make sure you have Ubersuggest installed and active in your Chrome browser (see Day 1: Setup)
  2. Enter your article’s title (you selected it in Days 2 and 3) into Google and see what shows up on page 1
  3. Take a snapshot of the screen so you have a record of what it is like BEFORE you write and publish your article

By now you’ve thought of a great title you’re happy with. We know it’s based on what people are looking for because we used for ideas.

Now it’s time to see what pages you will be competing against.

We need to do this research for many reasons, but the top reason right now is to ensure your article has the best chance of beating the competition just on its title alone.

If we do the research properly, we will be pretty certain of it.

This is why it’s no good having a 2 or 3 word title (eg. “flower pots”). We need a long phrase, such as, “best flower pots for growing plants indoors”.

At this early stage, we need to find a title that Google will notice. It’s only then that it will start experimenting with other key phrases later on and start bringing in traffic.


Today’s task is some simple research on your chosen title using Google. 

Enter your title into Google to see what comes up.

Make sure you’ve got Ubersuggest installed and active (see Day 1).

The screenshot below is for an article I wrote that now ranks at #1 for the title “wetrooms for the elderly and less-abled”.

My research showed this should be fairly easy to rank for, and by following the guidelines you’ll be working through in this course, you’ll be able to get similar results.

Ubersuggests says the average domain score is 16 and average backlinks is 4. The domain I used in this example has a domain score of 2 and zero backlinks and yet this is ranked #1.

Day 4 - wetrooms for the elderly and less-abled

The page also has part of the title in its URL – the URL is the page address shown in the result – ie. in this example it’s:

Also, if you change the search slightly to “wet rooms for the elderly and less-abled” Google thinks it’s strong enough to turn into a Google Snippet – giving the page even more exposure (and all because of a single space added splitting the word wetroom into wet room). I believe this is because the word wetroom is also split into 2 words in the URL and Title on the landing page so it’s an exact match.

Why is my page at #1 beating out everything else even though it has no links and an extremely low domain score?

Simple. It’s perfectly aligned to the search term. Google knows that this page is better than the others even though they have higher domain scores and backlinks.

This is an example of how Google has been changing for the better – allowing you and me to rank because we can make our pages better than the others without using the spammy SEO tactics of old.

Stay on Easy Street

If you find that all the top pages for your title have hundreds of backlinks and high domain authority, you’ll need to modify your title until you find an easier set of results to rank for.

Remember, this is only your first article, so it’s important you make this as easy as you can. We’re not after the #1 slot right now (let alone the #1 position for a high traffic keyword – that will come in time). We just want to rank somewhere in the top 10 with an easy to rank article. Your confidence will build faster this way.

That’s all for today. Try entering a few other titles in your list and see what shows up. This will help you get used to the process.

NOTE: I realise you may really really want to move on, but I know from experience, those who go for it too fast in the beginning tend to give up early before the end. And that’s the last thing I want to happen.

Staying hungry for more will keep you coming back and I promise you will make faster progress overall – it takes time to learn new things and make them work and stick. Imagine how good you will become in only a few months time if you do this every day.