Day 7 –  Content

Day 7 Quick Summary: Content

Today we’re going to research heading and subheading ideas and inspiration for our article

  1. Make a list of all the headings used in the top results from Google

We’ve gathered a whole lot of data so far. We know who our top 5 competitors are for the article we want to rank.

We know how many words each of them has used on that page.

We know the top keywords used on each page.

We know the top keyword density on each page.

We know if our competitors have used our article title as part of the URL for their pages, and also whether they’ve used it for the page title. And we also know if they have used the title somewhere within their page’s content.

But what we don’t yet know are the ideal sub headings to use.

If you collected all the sub-headings of an article together, you would (in effect) be creating a content page for the article – just as though it was a book (all be it a very small book).

Suppose someone came along and gave you the ideal list of sub-headings to use (or think about using). That is, a list of sub-headings you already knew Google would love?

Well you can, and you’ve probably already figured out how. Look at your 5 competitor pages again (you can click on them direct from your spreadsheet or from SEO Roadmaps).


SEO Roadmaps Members Do This

Load up the report you saved on Day 5, or load up SEO Roadmaps and click View on your roadmap, select all the results and compile a new report. Then click the Headings option on the left (you may also get more ideas from the Lists option too).

You can also use Amazon to get more heading ideas and inspiration for your article using their ‘Look Inside’ feature if you search for books on your topic.

As I say below, this is not about plagiarism or breaking copyright laws, you are doing the sort of research that any professional researcher would be doing – it’s just that you’re one step ahead because you are using Google as your primary source. That’s it for the day.

Non SEO Roadmaps Members Do This

Copy and paste every sub-heading you can find into your Keyword 1 Research tab in your spreadsheet (the tabs are at the bottom). I’ve added some I found in the example spreadsheet to give you an idea – and they are just a few of what’s possible.

Can you see just how easy this can be? Most people get stuck when they try to write definitive articles for topics – even when they’re experts – but not when the wisdom of a crowd of experts can do it for us!

But we don’t need to stop there. We’ve got Amazon to help us a little more.

Pop along to Amazon, search for books on your topic, and list by popularity. Use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature and make a copy of all the chapter titles in the most popular books. How many you choose is up to you. Our job is to create the best article we can, so the more research you do the better chance you have.

And if you’ve got any worries about plagiarism, don’t. You’ll see why tomorrow when we start getting creative.