Day 8 – Content

Day 8 Quick Summary: Content

We’re about the create the story board using headings and sub-headings.

  1. Grab your list of headings and sub-headings
  2. Rewrite them all in your own words

Today we’re going to get creative. It’s quite simple, but it’s enormously important.


Grab your list of sub-headings from yesterday. Set yourself a timer of 10 minutes, and start rewriting every sub-heading in your own words.

We don’t want to copy other people’s stuff directly because Google knows when things have been copied – although in the case of short phrases like headings it’s usually fine – it’s when whole paragraphs are copied without a quote mark or citation that it becomes problematic).

Take a break and prepare for tomorrow. We’re getting closer to starting our article. Another day to be precise.

NOTE: I use Google Docs for all my written research work. It’s free (all part of your Google account) and  automatically backed up.